John Cowan, dishonest lawyer in San Francisco


Lawsuit against this man, John Cowan, dishonest lawyer/attorney in San Francisco, for Legal Malpractice, dishonest and unethical conduct.

Looking for past clients of this man, John Cowan, lawyer/attorney in San Francisco, who also had a negative experience with this lawyer.
This lawyer is dishonest, he lies to his clients and he is also making a lot of money by going after citizens who barely have enough to go by.

- Did you have a negative experience with this man? Did you lose any money?
- Did he do something illegal recently? Did he bill you for work not done?

- We need your testimonials about your own experience.
- Are you a journalist looking for an interesting legal case to write about.

- We are a group of eight (8) people, with painful experiences with John Cowan, 2 lawyers have  joined us recently.

- We intend to file a complaint with the State Bar and start a lawsuit.


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People have to KNOW.


February 2017: 

Mr. Cowan: We want to warn people with this website. 
This is called Freedom of Speech against dishonest lawyers like you.
Mr. Cowan, you have been trying on numerous occasions to force our web hosting company to take down this website, and they said NO...!!
Does Freedom of Speech really bother you that much, Mr. Cowan?
You do not want people to know what we have been through with you?
We do want people to know the truth about you and your law firm and the way you steal from people. And we are doing some work, you have caused enough damages to your clients, it is time to let the people know.

Our group consists of eight (8) former clients of Mr. John Cowan who is a dishonest lawyer based in San Francisco.
We have been robbed by 2 dishonest lawyers in California, some of us by Mr. Cowan and some of us by another lawyer. 
Moreover, Mr. Cowan blackmailed two women of our group - two former clients of Mr. Cowan - for sex...
Mr Cowan owed money to both women (from the retainer fee) and he said he would pay them back only if he received oral sex from them...Unreal and illegal, especially from a lawyer!! Both women refused Mr Cowan´s blackmail despite his insistance; When both women mentioned they would file a complaint with the police, Mr. Cowan threatened them with...a lawsuit. We learned that Mr. Cowan is currently married and has a young child...
We decided to take action together against Mr. Cowan, together as a group. We all met in a forum on the internet.

We believe people have the right to know the kind of lawyer Mr. Cowan is.
He has been known to lie and overbill his clients and most times even bills his clients for work he didn’t do.
There presently is a lawsuit against John Cowan for legal malpractice and dishonest conduct.

We all know there are so many honest lawyers out there but we are using this medium to tell anyone out there who cares to listen that John Cowan is not one of the good lawyers out there and he is damaging the image of lawyers in this country...

We have been victims of some very painful experiences with this lawyer.
We all met online in 2 forums and decided to do something to stop this man from harming more people.
We have two (2) lawyers who are helping us dig into Mr. Cowan’s background and past cases to help uncover all his fraudulent activities.

His smiles and smooth talks are just role plays to get people feel comfortable at opening up to him and trusting him on all levels.
Behind those are a greedy and vicious mind. He hides this part of him so well that anyone who hasn’t fallen a victim of his fraudulent acts would find it difficult to believe he really is dubious.
If by any chance, anyone reading this article has in anyway fallen victim of Mr. Cowan’s dubious acts, we would be glad if that person can help us in our lawsuit against this dubious man.


Other occasions where we have come across painful experiences with Mr. Cowan:

a)    Billed us for work not done on many occasions.

b)    Made mistakes and lied about our cases to cover up his own mistakes.

c)    Over billed us.

d)    He’s most known for saying ‘This will be done’ when in reality he would not do it and cover everything up with a lie: Neglect.

e)    He has often hidden the fact that he does not possess the necessary skills to take up our cases. He got our money to never let it go.

f)     We lost a lot of money, courtesy of Mr. Cowan’s fraudulence and each time we tried to make moves at recovering our money, he threatened us with a defamation lawsuit...

We have decided to fight Mr. Cowan back: He is fraudulent, he is not doing this job the right way, he is greedy, dishonest and he has ruined and still keep ruining a lot of people’s lives.

Mr. Cowan's law firm is located at:
100 Pine Street, #1250
San Francisco, CA

Having looked on popular review website and, a well-respected website specialized in lawyers and attorneys, we discovered the following: It is quite surprising to note that all the negative reviews about John Cowan on have been removed and placed in the “not recommended area”, in a way it wouldn’t be visible to visitors:

We looked at his Yelp profile and also discovered that many of his positive reviews were suddenly written between 01/13/2013 and 01/14/ 2 days! These positive reviews all written within two days look very suspicious.
These brought some questions into our minds:

1.     Is Mr. Cowan paying a fee to YELP to help him get rid of his negative reviews and hide them?

2.    Did Mr. Cowan ask his friends to write some good reviews on YELP to help him in his business?

3.    Did Mr. Cowan write the reviews himself by creating various fake YELP accounts...?

Here is a link to his YELP profile with the positive reviews, look at the dates in 2013, many "good reviews" were suddenly written in 2 days!:

We have gathered other people on YELP also have been victims of Mr. Cowans’ fraudulent activities... We looked at the AVVO website (, a well-respected website specialized in lawyers/attorneys: We noticed some foul plays: .

***Kindly Note: We wrote a few negative reviews based on our painful experiences with him on his AVVO profile in 2014 but realized later on that our reviews just suddenly got deleted off his profile... During 2014 when we wrote our reviews, we also saw 8 other negative reviews on his profile but checking back on his profile during 2014, all negative reviews where deleted. This led us to believe Mr. Cowan is probably paying AVVO to get rid of his negative reviews the same way he is doing on YELP...
We also have gathered other people on AVVO who did have negative experience with Mr. John Cowan which makes us know we are not the only ones who have been victims of John Cowan’s fraudulent acts.

We are looking for past clients of John Cowan who have been victims of his fraudulent acts.
We presently have 2 lawyers who are looking into his illegal and fraudulent cases.

We will file a complaint with the State Bar of California and start a lawsuit against this dishonest lawyer.

- Are you either a business, or a citizen? Or possibly you have lost money to John Cowan?
- Did he bill you for work not done? Did he break the law at some point?

- If you answered yes to any of the above, you are invited to join us in starting a lawsuit against this dishonest lawyer.
Enough people have gone bankrupt through the fraudulent acts of dishonest lawyers in this country and it is time to put a stop to that.

If you believe your experience can be useful in our lawsuit, please contact us below. We would very much love to hear from you.

We will promote this website on everywhere possible all through the internet and compile testimonies from everyone who has ever fallen victim to John Cowan’s fraudulent acts.

Kindly Note: All information will remain confidential.

Please email us at: and tell us about your past or present experience with this man.
We will read and keep your emails and build our case.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Julia, Mark, Peter, Lisa, Elisabeth, Tom, Michael, John.


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